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Thigh Lift Questions

Thigh Lift

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The results of a thigh lift are usually long term. If the reason for the procedure relates to excess fat, liposuction prior to the thigh lift can make results last longer.

Yes, it is an outpatient surgery.

The procedure usually lasts about two to three hours.

The incision is usually made in the groin area.

While there is scarring, it is easily hidden by underwear or a bathing suit bottom.

For about 10 days, there will be discomfort. Some patients may not go back to work for two to three weeks due to an inability to be in the seated position. Additionally because of the problems related to sitting, going to the bathroom can be difficult. After four to six weeks, the patient can be fully physically active again.

Rarely are there major complications after a thigh lift. Some patients have swelling after the procedure. With time, however, the swelling goes away. Besides this, the risks are the same as with any surgery: infections, anesthesia complications, blood clots, etc.

These are answers to the most common asked questions. We feel the more informed our patients are the better we feel. This information was not meant to be exhaustive or complete. Dr. Fustok will give you additional information during the consultation and will answer to the best of his knowledge any inquiry. Surgery is an art not an exact science.

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