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Chemical Peel Questions

Chemical Peel

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A chemical peel is a procedure that rejuvenates the skin.  Most individuals find they benefit from the application of glycolic acid.  In almost all cases, patients will notice a improved vitality of skin.

About thirty minutes in total, hence it has often been referred to ask “the lunch time peel”.

In most cases, work or other normal activities may be resumed immediately.

You may go outside, but sunscreen must be worn for at lest a few days after the peel as your skin will be likely a little more sensitive to sun exposure.

Many individuals find that a peel performed every four to six weeks gives optimal results.  Glycolic acid peels complement the regular use of other products such as glycolic acid containing preparations that be used on a regular basis at home.  The short term exposure of a higher concentration of glycolic acid on a periodic basis helps maintain skin health and appearance.

A glycolic acid peel will not remove deep lines.  Laser resurfacing is recommended in most cases where wrinkles are advanced.  However, a peel will often improve the tone, texture, smoothness and appearance of skin.

Peels take away dead skin cells and compel the generation of new skin, thus eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, blotchiness, dryness acne and a host of other mild skin conditions.

Upon application, patients feel a slight stinging which subsides after a few minutes.

Your skin will be given a youthful glow.  It is uncommon for people to notice your new texture and compliment it.  Immediately following the treatment, your skin may be slightly red, but nothing drastic.  Any redness will disappear before the end of the day.

These are answers to the most common asked questions. We feel the more informed our patients are the better we feel. This information was not meant to be exhaustive or complete. Dr. Fustok will give you additional information during the consultation and will answer to the best of his knowledge any inquiry. Surgery is an art not an exact science.

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